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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sony Ericsson W850i: Reloaded with more power

Sony W850i
The secret to be at the top is to constantly improving and upgrading itself. The Sony Ericsson 850i is a definite improvement of the earlier Walkman phone offerings. Among the most prominent upgrades apart from the stylish slider form is the Walkman 2.0 media player, improved playback time (up to 30 hours) and support of more popular MS Duo Pro instead of M2 memory card. Taking cue from the features missed in the earlier models, the Sony Ericsson W850i is a step closer to perfection.

The Sony Ericsson W850i features an updated Walkman player interface, v2.0. that supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, E-AAC+, WAV, WMA and M4A formats. Apart from usual graphic equalizer and playlist creating ability, the media player features 'Album viewer' and TrackID – a unique service which tells gives you all information about a song when you record and send a clip to the server. You can even buy your music online with WAP 2.0 that supports secured connections for safe electronic transactions. The phone's total internal memory is 16 Mb, however after all applications are installed, about 10 Mb is available for the user. But that is not a handicap due to W850i's memory card support up to 2GB. The integrated radio with RDS functions also features 'Identify Music' option so that you know that title of any song played in the radio.

The handset is equipped with 2.0 megapixel digital camera in CMOS matrix with zoom and flash. Various effects, shooting mode and self timer makes the camera a really useful one. Video recording in two different resolution is supported as well.

Sony Ericsson W850i supports tri-band GSM and UMTS 2100 network. Connectivity options includes Bluetooth version is 2.0, which supports EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) and A2DP profile (stereo headsets) and fast USB. Internet through high speed GPRS/EDGE with WAP 2.0 browser makes it a strong Internet tool.

With all the advanced features and sleek slider design, Sony Ericsson W850i marks the next generation of music phones.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Nokia N73 Sim Free Mobile Phone

Gone are the days, when mobile phones were meant for communicating only, because with the passage of time, they have evolved into superb gadgets – offering loads of options with multimedia, Internet, and connectivity. Nokia is renowned around the globe for creating some of the very best handsets, loaded with unique features and cutting-edge functionalities. Flying high on the overwhelming success of its earlier releases, the Nokia mobile handsets manufacturing company introduced yet another stunning series and named it Nokia N-series. Although, this series is comprised of some ultra cool handsets, but every handset is bit different from another, with something extra to offer. Well, the Nokia N73 is living up to the expectations with its amazing multimedia and photography features.

If somebody asks you a simple question about your most memorable moments, you would hardly come up with at least ten such incidents because human beings do forget certain incidents with the passage of time. But, now you have got the most easiest and comprehensive options in the form of camera mobile phones. The Nokia N73 would not let you skip all those desired moments, as you can easily treasure them with the help of its superb 3.2 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. Moreover, to make the photography more easier, the Nokia N73 also comes with a mechanical shutter and an enhanced auto focus, which allows you capture crisp snaps with awesome clarity. After clicking all those special moments, you can view them on its intuitive 2.4 inch full screen.

After displaying all your favourite photographs on its big screen, you can easily share them with all your friends. Just press its dedicated review key and view all the best photographs to select the best ones. Its compact yet active toolbar interface allows you to send all the snaps with much ease. Moreover, you can also share your photos, videos and tracks with Bluetooth or by sending MMS to compatible mobile handsets. Making loads of things easier for you, the Nokia N73 really brings some amazing changes in your mobile life.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sony Ericsson Z610i Sim Free Phone

sony    ericsson z610i sim free phone
The new model Z610i from Sony Ericsson is more of a jewel than a mobile phone. The simple clamshell with smooth metallic finish looks gorgeous. The external OLED display has a mirror finish so you wont notice the display till it lits up. The Sony Ericsson Z610i looks very stylish and bound to attract everyone with its clutter-free appearance.

The design aesthetics are very well blended with all the premium features you'd expect from a 3G phone. The 2 inch large internal 262k colour TFT display gives you one of the highest resolution with true to life colours. With the 2.0 mega pixel camera and digital zoom, shoot pictures with the ease of a professional. But thats not the end to it. With the Z610i's pre-set for picture-to-Web placement, within a few clicks, you can directly upload your pictures to an online blog-site and share your special moments with your friends and family instantly. The camera also supports video recording to catch live action in high definition footage as well as video calling.

The media player supports almost all popular music file formats and plays them with great clarity. The handset supports Bluetooth stereo (A2DP), so enjoy your dose of music wirelessly while you drive or do anything else. All you have to do is push the dedicated music key. Watch news on the Sony Ericsson Z610i through RSS feed or browse the Internet with NetFront Web browser. Never be short of fun with the built in 3D games.

The seemingly fragile handset is actually a powerhouse when it comes to 3G features. Tri-band and UMTS network support for video calling, connectivity with Bluetooth, Fast port, USB, the Sony Ericsson Z610i is all set to give some fierce competition to 'serious' looking handsets in the market.

If you believe in being powerful without being a show off, you'd identify with the Sony Ericsson Z610i in more ways than one.

Monday, January 08, 2007

SIM free mobiles: liberate yourself

Are you looking for a change? If you want to change your handset with a new and feature packed handset, you can easily do that with SIM free mobiles. On the contrary, if you are connected with any of the mobile networks under contract mobile phone deals then, its very difficult to change either the handset or the network. To circumvent such problems, mobile manufacturers have launched a range of mobile phones in the market that are often called as SIM free phones.

SIM free mobiles, as the name signifies are mobile phones without any contract deals. To be more precise, such handsets are SIM independent or network independent. You can buy SIM free handset from different mobile manufacturers and get connected with any of the networks. Just place the SIM card in your handset and you are ready to access the network. You can have access to more than one networks.

SIM free mobiles are most convenient for those who do not want to stay connected with a particular network. The main disadvantage of contract mobile phone over SIM free phone is that you cannot change the network as well as the handset for a stipulated time period. If you frequently visit other countries, you will have to pay roaming charges, if any. This is not the case with SIM free mobiles, you can switch over to other networks in that situation.

People who frequently visit neighbouring countries for their personal or professional purposes prefer SIM free mobiles. You have the freedom to connect with any of the networks as and when required. This is absolutely a good choice for consumers and that's why SIM free phones are getting popularity in the mobile market.

SIM free mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc., are all available in a wide range of design and models. Choose any of the handsets and get connected with the people and the world.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sim Free Mobile Phones

Sim Free Mobile Phones
Global system for mobile communication (GSM) is a cellular network and one of the most popular standards for mobile phones in the globe. A second generation mobile phone system, the GSM has several merits to its credit. Signalling and speech channels are of digital call quality. Easy interoperability is another advantage and network service providers are able to deploy equipment from different vendors without any trouble.

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards are part of many GSM systems; SIM cards are detachable smart cards containing the subscription information and phone book of phone users in many GSM systems. Users can change mobile phones but retain SIM cards to retain all the relevant information. They can also use the same handset combined with a different SIM card to avail the services of some other operator than the ones they were hitherto subscribing to.

The practice of SIM locking is prevalent in some parts of the world, wherein network service providers allow a mobile phone to work on a SIM issued by them or use one single SIM. One can say that they lock the mobile phones that they offer to their subscribers. Each handset has an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and this number is locked. The account identified by the SIM card is not locked.

As an antithesis, Sim free phones are those which can be used with the services of most network operators. Users are not constrained to use the services of a particular operator while using these phones. In the UK, many of the leading handset manufacturers are coming up with Sim free versions of their popular mobiles. LG KG800 Chocolate, Motorola PEBL U6, Motorola V3i D&G Sim Free Phones, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic are all available as Sim free phones.

One of the major reason for the popularity of these and other models of Sim free phones is that one can use these handsets to make low cost calls from the UK to foreign landlines. This fact makes them all the more in demand among foreign expatriates residing in the UK.