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Monday, June 25, 2007

Samsung D900: Fun, style with loads more...

With loads of options in mobile phones, the present mobile phone users can easily afford to be choosy. Every leading manufacturer has been releasing some fabulous handsets in different shapes and sizes – with innumerable features. Hence, a common user does get more than enough options to decide upon the favourite handset. As being one of the leaders in mobile handsets manufacturing, Samsung has already introduced a comprehensive range of handsets, which duly supports superb features and also come with enticing looks. The Samsung D900 is one such ultra-thin phone, which has already earned accolades across the globe not only for its looks, but also for its substantial features. With all such credentials, Samsung D900 has earned a coveted place in the world of mobile phones.

This enticing gizmo is endowed with an exclusive range of features with a dynamic music player, Bluetooth, WAP and a 3.15 mega pixels camera. The Samsung D900 is a balanced gizmo, which lets you take a good care of professional as well as personal life. With an intuitive TFT 256K colour screen – the Samsung D900 provides a great viewing experience. You can easily treasure all those special moments with its camera and share them with all your friends and dear ones via MMS. As far as storage capacity is concerned, the Samsung D900 is supported with a MicroSD memory card, which lets you get all the desired space to store all your favourite music, pictures and videos.

Enjoy the music to the fullest with your Samsung D900. Its music player is as good as anything can be to let you enjoy the ultimate listening experience. On the other hand, it can play music in various popular formats. Just download all your favourite songs from Internet or you can easily transfer your stuff from your Personal Computer. With Samsung D900, you will never have a dull moment.

Besides having a sleek profile, the Samsung D900 is duly loaded with various business tools. Hence, you can easily take good care of business needs. This superb phone comes with compatible MS office tools with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and others. You can also relish the high speed mobile Internet with its EDGE technology. So, make that desired difference in your mobile life with the Samsung D900.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Samsung D900: The exquisite shooter

With innumerable handsets and various leading handsets manufacturers, it has really become a challenge to design some of the most efficient and good looking handsets, which can attract more and more users. Well, on the other side, such trends have also contributed in the development of the present mobile industry. All the credit goes to this stiff competition, which has forced all the leading handsets manufacturers to put their best efforts in the creation of user friendly and powerful handsets. Therefore, things have been improving with a lightening speed and we have more than enough options to choose from. Following the same theory and the profound path of innovation, Samsung has always lived up to the expectations of the users by offering some of the very best mobile handsets. The Samsung D900 is another dynamic performer from the Samsung.
As such, the Samsung D900 is also popular as one of the slimmest slider phones in the present mobile market. You would really feel surprised that such a small gadget can offer innumerable functionalities in the easiest possible way. As being a slider phone, the Samsung D900 is endowed with a smooth sliding mechanism, which not only makes it look exquisite, but also adds lots in your mobile style. To provide you all the options, the Samsung D900 is endowed with superb colour schemes with Black-Silver and Red-Gray solutions – choose your desired ones to make the most of your mobile life.
Although the Samsung D900 is truly an exquisite piece of mobile art, as it comes with superb designing. And, on the other hand, it does impress you with its functionalities. It supports the popular and reliable GSM mobile network to provide you a seamless network coverage throughout the whole world. Moreover, you also get an unparalleled data connectivity, as it supports the EDGE and GPRS technologies.
The Samsung D900 is really a dream gadget for a modern day user. Its built-in WAP 2.0 browser enables you to enjoy swift mobile Internet. It is endowed with a 60 MB of inbuilt memory, which can be enhanced by using an extra memory card. You can also enjoy photography with its inbuilt 3.0 mega pixels camera. The Samsung D900 has it all to fit with your modern lifestyle.