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Monday, May 28, 2007

Samsung X830: Music unlimited.

The new age mobile phones are as good as anything can be, as they can perform various tasks in the easiest possible way. Making various things easier for us, these mobile phones have revolutionised our way of living. The journey of a mobile phone has been quite eventful, as it has gone through a rigorous transformation from a voice centric device to a highly capable fully loaded gadget. As being one of the world leaders in mobile phones, Samsung has always introduced some of the most enticing and feature-packed handsets. The next big gizmo from Samsung is the Samsung X830, which is specifically designed for the music lovers.

The Samsung X830 is endowed with a swivel-opening mechanism and comes with unparalleled music features. It has been diligently designed to make it an enticing device. Its music artillery is loaded with a MP3 player and other music features such as equaliser, playlist option and song information. Just swing open this dynamic gadget to explore its superb functionalities. As far as dimensions are concerned, the Samsung X830 measures only 84x30x19.9 mm. With weight only seventy five gram, its quite hard to believe that such a light device can offer so much in features. Although, the Samsung X830 is quite slim, but you would surely get all the substantial features.

To provide you swift access to all the major functions, the Samsung X830 is loaded with a wheel navigator – play all your music in the easiest possible way. Moreover, it has been further empowered by a 1GB inbuilt memory – get all the space for all your favourite music, images and videos. On the other hand, the Samsung X830 scores really well, when it comes to connectivity, as it works on the popular Tri-band technology, which keeps you connected across the five continents. You can also enjoy high speed mobile Internet, as this phone also supports EDGE and GPRS technologies.

Like other popular phones, the Samsung X830 also comes with a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, which enables you to capture all those larger than life moments, whenever you want. This alluring gadget is available in six enticing colours – choose your favourite one and elevate your mobile experience with the Samsung X830.

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