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Friday, August 03, 2007

Nokia 6300 – Simple and good

Nokia 6300 is a simple to use, basic handset. This comes as a welcome breakthrough, specially after the manufacturer has been augmenting its portfolio with hi-end models. The device displays a good blend of style and substance, and displays what Nokia does the best.

The Nokia 6300 comes as a slim candy bar design with an external layer wrapped in stainless steel casing. While on one hand it makes the phone looks stylish and sophisticated; on the other, it provides a solid feel to the handset. Nokia 6300 is designed to be user friendly. Thus, it comes with well spaced keys for fast & error-free typing, and easy with sensibly-spaced four-way rocker switch and Enter key for effortless navigation. Further, this handset comes with a large screen, with proportionally large icons for easy legibility and comprehension. More pleasure for users comes through with its Menu system. Most of the Menu options are within one or two clicks. And since there are not many vertical Menu options, the need for scrolling is also minimized. Plus, most of the daily used functions can be activated by pressing a certain direction on the four-way rocker.

For multimedia pleasure, the Nokia 6300 offers 2 MP camera and music player. The player supports all popular music formats, while the camera comes with good options to make it a flicker's delight. One of the appreciated feature of Nokia 6300 is its push to talk feature. With this, the users can simply get connected to the compatible sets and turn the device into Walkie Talkie. A real handy stuff here, save that one has to go through a lengthy sign up process to get going.

Most of the other features of Nokia 6300 are straight forward. There is a good connectivity option, messaging options, and PIM features.

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